Wednesday Night Markets are Back at Pike Place!

marketsquareLast night marked the return of the Wednesday Night Market at Pike Place Market, running every Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. through mid-October. PPM tents

According to market officials, in addition to some  of the regular vendors that will stay open late for evening visitors, Pike Place will host local producers in tents in front of the regular market stalls just below the entrance on Pike Street (on the cobblestones).

It wasn’t a huge crowd that turned out for last night’s event (partly, I think because a good number of visitors waited at the Market entrance and the evening events took place further north down the cobbled street through the market.

Visitors received Pike Place Market grocery bags and were treated to live music, courtesy of KEXP, and photo opportunities with a large strawberry and a carrot.

As a local, I’m looking forward to an opportunity to shop the market without an overwhelming number of tourists and visitors to navigate. Although, having spoken with several of the long-standing market vendors, Wednesdays are the lightest day at the market anyway – so shopping is easiest (and encouraged) all day on Wednesday. Tuesdays are also a bit more relaxed than the highest traffic days of Thursday through Sunday morning and Mondays.

Regular vendors seemed a bit confused by the opportunity.  According to some, market officials didn’t ask (or tell) them to stay open late, and given the typical slow Wednesday, several I spoke to had no intention of staying open much past their normal hours, so if you’re expecting to visit your normal vendors late on a Wednesday evening market, you might check first — to ensure they’ll be open.

I hit some of my favorite vendors during last night’s visit, including Frank’s Quality Produce, Don and Joe’s Meats and Market Spice. I also regularly visit Fini, So Much Yarn and Boston St. children’s store. And for refreshment, a quick stop at Rachel’s Ginger Beer is ALWAYS a great idea. Yum!

New to the mix is the newest luxury hotel to hit Seattle – Thompson Seattle.  Officially opening Friday, June 3rd, Thompson is at the northeast corner of 1st and Stewart. Boasting what will surely be one of Seattle’s hottest rooftop venues this summer, The Nest, Thompson opens its doors to Seattle just as we approach our first 90 degree day of the season.  Welcome!thompson

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