It’s HOT! How Are You Doing, Seattle?

Yesterday’s new record 93 degree temperatures were a challenge.  It’s one thing when you spend the day in an air-conditioned office and go home to discomfort.  It’s another thing when the heat hits on a Saturday and you have chores to do.

bushesAfter last week’s housepainting (and the accompanying disaster that was made of my garden), we headed straight to Swanson’s Nursery yesterday morning (along with most everyone else in Seattle).  After purchasing mulch (for the new grasses and trees planted along the sidewalk of our common areas) I added a few plants to help fill in the holes of crushed perennials left behind by the painting crew.  I know they’ll be back next year (the plants, not the painters), but that doesn’t mean I want to look at those gaping holes THIS year!

By the time we arrived back home after a number of other errands and projects, it was fully 3 p.m.  (One of my other errands was to run my mom around between downtown and Magnolia, resulting in some amazing shots of Mount Rainier and Seattle).

Okay, so, 3 p.m. is not the best time to plant, but maybe better than letting those plants sit in the ever-increasing heat.  So, plant I did.  While The Man spread mulch.  Oh, we got good and overheated for sure.

Garden tended, we were up for a break.  Dinner on a night like last night is always COLD. Chinese Chicken Salad* is one of The Man’s faves, so that was easy. Followed by several Popsicles for dessert, we were set for the evening.  Except that it was HOT.  Too hot to be comfortable.  Our living room registered 87 degrees at one point, and our bedroom (a floor above) was even worse.  No, we don’t have air conditioning.  Although we both spent some time researching how to purchase and install a free-standing room air conditioner unit with vertical opening, Anderson crank windows. PITB. Sheesh!

So, did you sleep?  Sometime after midnight, afraid of disturbing The Man, I crept all the way down the stairs to the guest room. With an open window and a ground floor level, it was substantially cooler, although pretty noisy and a still uncomfortably warm. All that to say, I didn’t sleep very well. Not sure how you do on 5 hours of broken sleep, but I’m feeling pretty worthless and headachy. Maybe I’ll take a nap later, although it’s still supposed to be in the high 80s today.

I know, I shouldn’t complain. The sunshine is lovely, and the warmth is good, too. And I really don’t mind the heat, it’s the not sleeping I struggle with. If you have any great suggestions, please feel free to share them. I’d appreciate it.

*If you’d like my recipe for Chinese Chicken Salad, please shoot me a note in the comments, and I’m happy to share!

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