Life Pivot – How’s it Going?

Well that’s a loaded question! It’s been nearly a month since I started this journey and sometimes I feel  like my whole world has expanded, and other times I feel like I haven’t budged an inch!

What I’m finding is that my feelings about progress are directly related to the amount of work I do to ensure I make some: whether it’s networking, blogging, planning, reading a helpful book or learning more about a topic. The only reason that’s relevant is that there are days when I just don’t feel like it — any of it. That sounds lazy, I know. But I know I’m not lazy. I think I’m just tired. It’s been a long haul, and I’m tired. So I’m trying not to let it get me down, and I’m letting my body dictate how much I get done.  Continue reading

New Beginnings…

Funny, every time I start a new adventure, I think to pick up my blog.  I guess there’s something to the idea that new beginnings are exciting and worthy of memorializing and sharing.  Maybe that’s it.  Maybe it’s just easier for me to sort through all the options in my mind if I write it down as if I were trying to explain my thought process to someone who isn’t resident inside my brain.  Either way, with apologies for the periodic interruptions, I will now commence with documenting this latest iterative process.  I’m starting with a mini-break.  It’s been a grind of a past year or so, and I’m in need of fresh air, fresh space and a fresh attitude.  So, I’m going to L.A. (Santa Monica to be specific; L.A. is NOT my getaway place, but the beach… oh, yes).

So, this evening, The Man (you remember The Man, don’t you?!) and I head to the airport to brave the long travel security lines we’ve been hearing so much about on the news lately.  We’ll fly into L.A. late this evening and let the freshening begin!  I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and keep my journal up to date so that I can share everything along the way  Sorry, but I’m not taking the laptop with me.  If you really want minute-by-minute updates (or want to experience all the restaurants and other discoveries), follow along on Twitter @marcysalo, or Instagram @salo9979.  You’ll find me there.  I’m not as happy writing blog posts on my phone.  And if you have any great suggestions, please post them in the comments or via a social callout.  Thanks… And looking forward to sharing the adventure with you!

Oh, and I forgot to mention – for those that remember previous iterations… we have a new cat.  We call her Henery (after Hereny the Chicken Hawk from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons).  She is a scamp, that’s for sure… and a hard to imagine facsimile of her predecessor, Doris (for those who remember)  Anyway, I have no doubt you’ll be seeing her pop up periodically in these posts.  Meantime, here she is:

henery watching empire